Facing Christmas Alone After Separation

I enjoyed reading an article in this Saturday’s Guardian newspaper (17/12/16) by Adrian Mourby about spending Christmas alone.  He described how when newly separated he found himself gazing longingly at family groups.  Looking back on it in retrospect however, he says that he can now see it was a missed opportunity to cherish a special time by himself…

I have often thought there is a unique quality to Christmas day which transcends the mad rush toward and about it. It is the stillness of the day, especially around early evening sunset when the whole world goes quiet. As if the materialistic world has outrun itself and had to close down, so that the still calm essence of the universe can right itself again.  And like seeing a falling star or a rising full moon, this oneness with the universe is experienced at its fullest when the world is quiet and you are alone.

So if you are alone on Christmas day, enjoy the opportunity of this once a year special time to be with yourself.  Take time to be solicitous and attentive to your needs as you might with a guest you have not seen for some time.  If you wish you can look back on all that has been happening in your life with compassion and with recognition of all that you have done with a good heart.

Treat yourself this Christmas to loving and enjoying yourself as you are.

Wishing you happiness in solitude.



Information on mediation for marital separation can be found on Evelyn’s website.