A Christmas Message from Malahide Mediation and Counselling.

Our senses are never more bombarded than at Christmas when we are besieged with a range of seasonal stimuli. Video advertisements are usually the first captor.  All of those clever snappy happy family/friendship clips tugging at us to give jewellery, perfume, watches, clothing… nudging us to sit down to a BIG family table and eat a humongous amount of food.  And then there’s that dreamy scene with snow falling, imbibing us into that peculiar Irish emporium of Christmas where even the people that make the black stuff dream of a white Christmas! Meanwhile annual musical mantras take over every shop’s speaker, blasting our ears with lyrics of ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, and to ‘be of good cheer’. And as the frenzied music becomes more frenzied, you reach for your purse or wallet because this is what Christmas is all about … Or is it?

What if instead, we created our own slogans for Christmas.

Such as:

The gift of a loving presence is so much more valuable than any purchased present.

There’s no such thing as the perfect family, – especially on Christmas Day.

If you are alone, make Christmas a time to treat yourself to something you consider indulgent.

If you have to go to work on Christmas day, recognise the unique gift you are giving and how special that makes you.

Good cheer means different things to different people.  Decide for yourself what it means.  If aspiring to feeling ‘good’ is as much as you can manage, that’s great, forget the cheer.

Wear a ‘chill’ hat instead of a Santa hat on Christmas Day as a reminder to park your worries and fears.


The real magic of Christmas is that it can be whatever you want it to be.

Have a truly personalised happy Christmas!